Stuffed turkey recipe with chestnuts and wine pairing

pubblicato 22-12-2023

Stuffed turkey recipe with chestnuts and wine pairing

Christmastime is around the corner and our memories automatically go back to the smells, aromas, and tastes of our childhood, back to a time when everything was automatically enhanced in our perception. However, we can still achieve the same sensations as adults: we just need the right ingredients!


For this reason, we are here to show you a wonderful recipe, ideal for the Christmas holidays, as well as our usual wine suggestion. Without further ado, how about we investigate a delicious Stuffed Turkey recipe with chestnuts?


Ingredients can be easily acquired, but preparation is what makes a true difference in a super tasty meal. To begin with, we can prepare an amazing stuffing: Simmer the chestnuts after peeling, but you can also finish after. Once cooked, you can proceed to mash them. Combine the mixture with chopped sausage and chopped green olives. Season with salt and pepper, then thoroughly mix everything and use this mixture to stuff the turkey. But careful! Remember to always sew the opening. You can cover the breast with bacon slices and secure them with several turns of white kitchen twine. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Brush a pan with oil, place the turkey in it, and put it in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for an hour and a half.

You should always check the cooking progress, and you may want to baste it with its sauce occasionally. After this time, remove the bacon slices and keep the turkey in the oven for another half hour to brown the meat well. Place the turkey on a serving platter and surround it with large lettuce leaves.

Some say turkey is best after refrigeration: in this case, wash the turkey inside and out with cold water and thoroughly dry it with paper towels. Season the cavity with 1 tablespoon of salt and apply 3 tablespoons of salt to the outside. Cover the turkey and refrigerate it overnight. The stuffing can also be refrigerated overnight. Bring it to room temperature before stuffing the turkey.

Regarding the drink, some may choose the classic pairing with a dry white wine, while others may prefer the bold charm of a red wine. However, here are some crucial mistakes to avoid when pairing wine with stuffed turkey:

  • When pairing with white wine, avoid overly strong wines lacking roundness, as a too fresh texture may be overwhelmed by the fat from the cream, or the juice released from the meat.
  • If opting for red wine, it's crucial to steer clear of overly tannic wines since poultry inherently has a certain dryness, and this combination might not harmonize well on the palate.

Finally, for this recipe we recommend our Farnito Valcolomba Merlot IGP 2015: This comes straight from the Valcolomba estate nestled in the hills leading down to the Tyrrhenian seacoast. Therefore, this wine is a genuine expression of the sunny and wild Tuscan Maremma. It is a sophisticated, supple wine with inherent elegance and impressive structure. Crafted from meticulously field-selected Merlot grapes, wines from this exceptional vintage showcase generous polyphenolic concentration and power, resulting in wines of great longevity. Vinification takes place in stainless steel and fermentation is ensured using selected yeasts for 15-20 days at a temperature of 25-29°C. Aging begins at the end of the primary fermentation and continues for 10 days after racking off the lees.

Its color can be described as a deep ruby red with pomegranate highlights, indicative of the considerable concentration of anthocyanins. The aroma is intense and complex, with floral notes and red berries complemented by hints of vanilla, cloves, and licorice. Full-bodied, with flavors reminiscent of the bouquet, it boasts a big, supple structure with well-integrated tannins and a long, persistent finish. Best served between 8-20°C, it is recommended to expose it to air at least one hour before consumption.