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Farnito Vinsanto del Chianti 1999 DOC


In the old days, wines that were consumed after special meals or by themselves because of their value and organolepti...

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In the old days, wines that were consumed after special meals or by themselves because of their value and organoleptic characteristics were considered "luxury wines". Vinsanto was one of these wines, made particularly valuable by the fact that each family’s father or grandfather would make their own, following a time-honored recipe handed down through generations. Many origins of this wine, and its singular name, have been hypothesized, the truth however is lost in time. One legend from Siena states that a friar from the fourteenth century would hand this wine to the ill disposed for its healing properties. From this the belief that this wine had miraculous properties, hence the name "Santo". Another possible explanation to the name comes from its use by the church during the mass.

Grapes used
  • minimum 70% of Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia and maximum 30% of other white grape varietals.

  • the harvested grapes are dried in wooden boxes then slowly barrel fermented during the winter months.

  • part of the wine was aged in traditional "caratelli", small barrels made of chestnut, the other part was aged in oak barrels, all for a total of 16 years. These barrels were housed among our various estates.

Bottle ageing
  • in temperature controlled underground cellar. Color: golden yellow with bronze hues.

  • golden yellow with bronze hues.

  • intense and complex with hints of apricot and peach jam, walnut, and typical Malvasia aromatics.

  • a good balance between the complex, intense balsamic fragrances, the alcohol and the sweetness. Long and persistent.

Serving temperature
  • 13-15 °C.

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