Environmental policy

All0004A ANNO 2023 Carpineto Srl is one of the most storied and prestigious wineries in the Tuscan Region. The main location is in the center of the Chianti Classico territory which boasts a long tradition of viticulture and a territory rich of tourist attractions.

In line with the country's property management policy, Carpineto srl is responsible for the adoption of the product system in the territory so that it does not disturb the optimal conditions to maintain the balance of the natural ecosystem. This allowed Carpineto to also obtain the VIVA certification promoted by the Ministry of Ecological Transportation for the transformation activity and imprint of the wine effect you have on Dudda.

In relation to the environmental protection of Carpineto srl, it intends to comply with the final instructions:

  • the prevention of negative environmental impacts
  • the protection of the surrounding environment from deterioration is consistent with the owner's organizational and operational dispute
  • communication with the interested party, including local community, specific activity that affects the protection of the environment.

In order to pursue these obligations, the organization undertakes to:

  • comply with and maintain compliance with community, national and local standards in environmental matters
  • continue to monitor the property's environmental services through the analysis of the risks, the emerging moments and the consequences derived from the activity
  • ensure that all of the additional items are considered and implemented in accordance with the policy, procedure and operational instructions
  • ensure that it consumes water, energy and all other prime materials used in the product process if it is properly maintained and compatible with the economic and technological resources of the organization
  • ensure that the products are carried out and planned in consideration of the internal cycle of life
  • promotes correct performance communication in terms of sustainability of wine production
  • promotes the adoption of environmental practices that support the supply chain of materials and services.

This policy is communicated to all of its members through the publication on the website.

All employes are encouraged to participate, within their realm of competencies and responsibilities, to achieve the company’s goal. 

You will receive instructions on this document.


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