Three wines for three villages: discovering the Val di Chiana


pubblicato 30-08-2023

Three wines for three villages: discovering the Val di Chiana


Nestling between the provinces of Siena and Arezzo in  southern Tuscany, the Val di Chiana is an iconic name in itself. What gourmet does not know the prized Chianina breed, the cattle from which the much-appreciated meat symbol of this enchanted area is obtained? We are truly in one of the most fascinating places in our beautiful region, amidst rolling hills, rows of cypress trees, stony roads and - of course - rows of vines. The Val di Chiana is this and much more: suspended in time, dotted with villages one more beautiful than the other, marked by ancient parish churches, evocative views and excellent food. This is why we cannot refrain from recommending a tour along these magnificent latitudes, amidst the beauty of art and history and the pleasures of good wine. 


Montepulciano and Carpineto Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva


The right place to start our tour. From what is something of a symbol of this area, full of art, culture and excellent wine. We are in Montepulciano, a town that is - in some ways - unique in the panorama of the Val di Chiana villages. In an area dotted with medieval villages, in fact, Montepulciano stands out for its decidedly Renaissance style. The reason lies in its past, since this noble town became the emblem of the Medici family's power during the wars that pitted Florence against Siena. Montepulciano is therefore, even today, surrounded by the Renaissance buildings of the aristocratic families of the time; the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the municipal building on the Piazza Grande; the ancient fortress named after the Medici themselves. Such nobility of spirit can only be underlined by an equally noble wine. The nobility lies in the name too: Carpineto Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva, from the rows cultivated on our Vino Nobile estate, is the perfect wine counterpoint to such a wonderfully characterised town. A wine of absolute depth, excellent structure and great body: capable of combining power and elegance both on the nose and on the palate. A bouquet of red fruit preserves, hints of sweet spices, vanilla, coffee, black pepper, light nuances of cocoa, is followed by a complex and very long sip. A triumph of flavours underlined by a slight balsamic touch, which you will appreciate especially retronasally. A great red wine that matures for two years in Slavonian oak casks before passing into French barriques and refining in the bottle for a minimum period of six months. Absolutely something to treat yourself to during our tour of the Val di Chiana. 


Lucignano and Carpineto Nobile di Montepulciano Vigneto Poggio Sant’Enrico 


From the Renaissance to the Middle Ages; from the province of Siena to that of Arezzo. The Val di Chiana, as we said, is marvellous precisely because it is vast and many-layered. And if in Montepulciano we enjoyed sumptuous and imposing Renaissance forms, in Lucignano we will lose ourselves in the maze of narrow streets that still maintain the urban layout of the medieval period. The most striking feature of this charming village is in fact its oval shape, with streets that link together forming a series of concentric rings. Still surrounded by its walls, again of medieval layout, a visit to Lucignano is a must on our Val di Chiana tour. Also by virtue of the beauty we will find outside the centre, with the remains of the Medici fortresses and the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Querce designed by Giorgio Vasari. Such elegance, unaltered over the centuries, can only be matched by an equally sumptuous wine. Carpineto Nobile di Montepulciano Vigneto Poggio Sant'Enrico is a cru of which we are particularly proud. Coming from the best exposed areas of our Vino Nobile estate and the first to be derived from pure Sangiovese grapes in the territory, it matures in French and American oak barriques where it remains for at least twelve months. Refinement in the bottle for over 45 months returns a wine of truly uncommon elegance to the glass. Intense and very persistent on the nose, from wild berries to cloves; from vanilla to cocoa, to coffee, dried fruit and aromatic spices, on the palate it fully confirms its characteristics of complexity and power. A full, balanced, mellow, persistent sip. A wine that reveals all the best expressions of Sangiovese.
To be enjoyed with traditional Tuscan dishes, from first courses with game to large roasts. Also excellent as a meditation wine. 


Civitella in Val di Chiana and Carpineto Dogajolo Rosso Oro


Always in the province of Arezzo, we find the characteristic village of Civitella in Val di Chiana. Typically medieval in shape, dominated by a fortress surrounded by imposing walls, the village of Civitella is known for the sweeping views that can be enjoyed from the top of the ancient castle. From here, the gaze wanders along the wonderful profile of the hills that mark the landscape of the Val di Chiana. Shades of shapes and colours worthy of a canvas by the Renaissance masters find their most fascinating realisation here. In short: to stroll through these narrow streets is to literally step into a suspended time. To fully enjoy the deepest soul of Tuscany. An indelible charm, to be accompanied by an equally unforgettable wine such as Carpineto Dogajolo Rosso Oro. Grapes used are Sangiovese min 85%, Cabernet Sauvignon and other varieties up to 15%. A wine that celebrates thirty years of one of our most innovative labels: Dogajolo Rosso. This unprecedented Gold version preserves all the versatility and dynamism of the sip of its elder "cousin"; and adds, at the same time, softness and complexity due to a longer passage in wood: at least nine months. A wine with an excellent structure and good body, with a snappy and at the same time complex drinkability, which presents itself with all its persistent bouquet of toasted notes, vanilla, aromatic spices associated with the typical scents of Dogajolo Rosso: crunchy red fruit, cherries, berries. An elegant and balanced wine that cannot be missing from the list of experiences of any self-respecting wine lover.