Hot Cheetos/Doritos and Rosé Wine for your perfect Oscar Party

pubblicato 06-03-2024

Hot Cheetos/Doritos and Rosé Wine for your perfect Oscar Party

Organizing a great Oscar night party can be challenging, we know. And sneaking in one of your favorite Carpineto bottles, while people are feasting on sweets, chips and pop-corns could seem impossible, right? Wrong! We are here to help you do just that. 


Oscars night can be just as well the perfect occasion to match wine with your favorite snacks, such as Cheetos and Doritos, a trend that is exponentially growing on social media. Carpineto is here to give you our take on this specific matter! Keep reading and you’ll know how these products can marry together: who would have thought?


In recent months, popular combinations with wine have been very trendy. The wine and chips pairing offers a more accessible twist on the classic cheese and wine pairing. While both are undeniably enjoyable, the former showcases the wine's nuances differently and provides more versatility in pairing options.


This makes it perfect for many occasions, whether it's a gathering with friends, a classy social event, or a simple yet delightful way to bring loved ones together for celebrations. Or, of course, the Oscars night!

Exactly, while you cheer for your preferred celebrities, between one speech and another, you can snack on chips and sip a good glass of wine. What else can someone possibly want from life? 


The reason this combination works is because the salty taste and satisfying crunchy texture of the chips enhance the fruity flavors suggested in the wine. Simultaneously, the fat in the chips softens the acidity of the wine, while the potato amplifies the yeasty complexity of the wine, providing a more enjoyable experience for the palate.


If you want to indulge in a wonderful cheesy snack, such as Hot Cheetos, the indications are the following: While cheese will always remain wine's best companion, these crunchy and irresistibly addictive snacks offer an opportunity for creative wine pairings by experts.


Cheetos, crafted from corn, exude a cheesy sweetness akin to an aged, nutty Gouda. Like Gouda, Cheetos can withstand pronounced tannins. A wine with a full-bodied, luscious texture, and intense, concentrated fruit flavors won't overpower Cheetos' distinctive flavor profile.

As far as Doritos fans can be concerned, they are indeed another perfect match for the right wine. This often spicy famous American delicacy can marry perfectly with wine: your all-purpose Doritos pairing is going to be either sparkling wines, or dry rosés.


Speaking of rosè, here at Carpineto we have the perfect answer to your help request: our beautiful Dogajolo Toscano Rosato IGT 2022! This wine originates from grapes chosen from Central Tuscany. 


Dogajolo Rosato embodies elegance and structure, featuring lively floral and fruity aromas. These qualities define it as a youthful, innovative wine that's also approachable. It displays a pale pink color with elegant bright fuchsia hues. Its bouquet offers floral notes, especially rose, myrtle, and grape flowers, along with hints of fruity fragrances like apple, currants, and sour cherry. On the palate, it delivers a broad and refreshing taste with complex fruity aromas, culminating in a clean finish.


You’re all set for the next 10th of March! You can invite all your friends over and feast on your favorite snacks accompanied by our Carpineto products. The internet trend of matching wine and chips is only gaining momentum day by day, and you can join very soon!