Wine and Spices: In Search for the Perfect Match

pubblicato 27-09-2021

Wine and Spices: In Search for the Perfect Match

There are certain wine pairings that put even the most experienced wine lover to the test. There are classic regional combinations which work perfectly - think of the sublime combination of Florentine steak and Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva, and then there are dishes that are new to Italian kitchens. Dishes from Thailand and India are rich in spices and aromas which are not always easy to pair with the right glass of wine. Yet, it is precisely because these flavors are not easy to pair that when a food-wine marriage is made, it can reserve unexpected pleasures.

Let's start with a few basics - spicy dishes pair well with fruity or aromatic wines. Such dishes call for a wine that matches their flavor profiles - great aromas matched with wines with the same aromatic presence. In general, it's best to stay away from tannins, which would enhance the bitter component of the spice, which would result in an unpleasant bitter palate. An Indian meal works perfectly with our Dogajolo Bianco. It is a white wine with good body and perfect balance, which with its olfactory component - while remaining an absolutely dry wine - goes well with Asian cuisine. Think, for example, of Chicken Korma, chicken cooked with onions and butter and then flavored with ginger, chilli, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon and turmeric. These flavors pair wonderfully with our white.

Prefer red wine instead? Carpineto has the perfect selection for you. Chianti Classico is a wine of thickness, good body, beautiful structure and a great bouquet of crisp red fruit. The velvety and elegant tannins go well with the spicy component of Asian cuisine. A great example of this is Naan: a bread baked in the oven with milk, Greek yogurt, and baking soda - rich in spices, including coriander and cardamom. Naan also comes in plenty of variations - Naan with garlic, cheese, potatoes and so on. The very pleasant freshness of Chianti Classico, combined with its taste-olfactory balance, makes it the perfect Naan companion.

Then there are the condiments that consist of a mix of spices such as Zahatar. Zahatar is and herb and spice blend that was well used across the former Ottoman Empire, in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Israel. It is made of thyme, oregano, sesame, summac and salt. Sometimes marjoram, sage and mint are added. This blend offers unique notes, from toasted wood to dried fruit. Dishes made with this spice blend pair perfectly with a full-bodied and structured white like our Farnito Chardonnay, whose aromas perfectly accompany the aromatic structure of these wondeful spices.