Zero Emissions Day: Carpineto's role in respecting the environment


pubblicato 21-09-2023

Zero Emissions Day: Carpineto's role in respecting the environment


Attention to the environment is a crucial element in every business process. Including those that take place in the wine trade. For a winery, respecting our ecosystem and our territory means creating the very conditions of its existence. Here in Carpineto, we know this well. And this is why World Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions Day has always seen us in the front line: not just on 21 September, the day it falls on the calendar, but on a daily basis. Established to make people aware of the need for more virtuous policies and attitudes towards the climate, highlighting the damage caused by excessive emissions of carbon dioxide into the environment, “ZeDay” is an important moment to reflect on what we have been practising on our five Tuscan estates since we were born: total respect for nature. She who gives us, year after year, the fruits on which we build all our work. 


After all, the figures speak for us: our estate wine production is certified VIVA (Sustainability in Italian Viticulture) by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. There are many aspects that contribute to this important result. First of all: 26 per cent more carbon dioxide is absorbed than is emitted during our work in the vineyard and cellar. This means, in short, that the release of oxygen into the atmosphere is 26 per cent more than all the carbon dioxide emitted by our production processes. This is a result that we achieved some time ago and which we continue to cultivate and improve in tandem with the high quality of the wines we offer. And we do not stop there: great attention is also paid to renewable energies such as photovoltaics. On our Vino Nobile estate in Montepulciano and on the Dudda estate in the heart of the Chianti Classico region, we have set up a 150 kW solar panel system that guarantees clean energy production far exceeding our needs. 


To this, we combine a constant repopulation of our wooded areas, in defence of the extremely rich biodiversity of the land of Tuscany; a precision agriculture that allows us to drastically reduce phytosanitary interventions on the vines; no use of additives, oenological adjuvants of animal origin and stabilisers for the cellar processes. Is that all? Absolutely not. We were saying that our attention to the environment is to be found in every process of our company. From the vineyard to the cellar, right down to the packaging. Yes: because even choices regarding the type of bottle can influence, positively or otherwise, the environment and the ecosystem. This is why we decided to gradually reduce the weight of our bottles. They have been slimmed down from 420 to 360 grams.
Why all this? Because lighter glass means less fossil fuel used in production and transport to the 70 countries around the world to which Carpineto exports. 


Returning to the work in the vineyard, we have recently made a major investment in 4.0 agricultural vehicles: in addition to being more efficient from the point of view of vineyard care and grape harvesting, they allow an optimisation of consumption and emissions into the atmosphere that perfectly matches the efficiency of the work. As we said, without attention, care, respect for the environment, our work could not be such. So we have chosen to safeguard the land, the vineyard, its longevity and fertility, to offer you products that are always top of the range. In full respect of the great Tuscan tradition of winemaking. Good wine is born in the vineyard, as our grandparents used to say. And it grows just as healthy and strong thanks to business processes that take care of its and our health. From a healthy soil comes a vine that will produce equally healthy, strong and robust grapes. With which to give you wines of the highest quality and structure.