World Cocktail Day: our favorite cocktail recipe just for you

pubblicato 13-05-2024

World Cocktail Day: our favorite cocktail recipe just for you

Wine lovers can enjoy a good cocktail just like anybody else! So do not worry, we have just the right suggestion for you up our sleeve thanks to our always marvelous and super versatile products. 

If our vineyard is certainly perfect for producing wines that can make you taste our history and tradition at every single sip, it’s also so generous that we can create bottles that are just as modern and all-purpose. So how about a wonderful Rosé lemonade with Dogajolo Toscano Rosato IGT 2023 to celebrate the upcoming World Cocktail Day?

Dogajolo embodies the essence of youthful wine meant for everyday enjoyment. It harmoniously blends grapes of various high-quality varieties, each contributing to its prized characteristics: youthfulness, sophistication, enticing aromas, and notably, its delicate rosé hue. Choosing a wine is more than a mere purchase: allow yourself to be captivated by the finesse of Carpineto wine!

This rosé wine is naturally uncomplicated, displaying clarity and transparency with hints of fuchsia. On the palate, you'll encounter a delightful medley of flavors, including apple, morello cherry, myrtle, and grape blossoms, delivering pure satisfaction and enjoyment. With its vinous and well-balanced profile, medium persistence, and commendable quality, Dogajolo ensures a gratifying drinking experience. In a few words, the perfect ingredient for a nice cocktail!

To craft a truly masterful (and delightful) Rosé Lemonade, you need to be first of all very inspired and in the right mood. Next, gather the following ingredients: ice, finely chopped basil, a dash of lemon juice, 15 cl of vodka, and 3.75 cl of Rosé wine. Here's a detailed breakdown:


  • Ice
  • Finely chopped basil leaves
  • A squeeze of lemon
  • 15 cl of vodka
  • 3.75 cl of Rosé wine (Dogajolo Toscano Rosato IGT 2023)


First, combine chopped basil leaves and lemon zest in a glass. Add ice to the glass. Add Dogajolo Toscano Rosato IGT 2023 (rosé wine), then vodka. Stir everything together until everything is well combined, garnish the drink with some blackberries or berries for added flavor and visual appeal. Enjoy your Rose Lemonade, a delicious and refreshing drink perfect for the upcoming season!

World Cocktail day is the perfect occasion to celebrate drinking with passion and responsibility, along with all your friends and family, just like we want to. Two centuries have passed since the word cocktail was first uttered on May 13, 1806. The origins of these wonderful drinks that we now call “cocktails” are controversial, with various theories competing for its authenticity. The most widespread version attributes the invention to the first American "bartender," Jerry Thomas, who created "something special" for its customers, by inventing a beverage made up of ⅓ vermouth and 2/3 of gin. Subsequently, a few New York tabloids such as "The Balance" were the first to publish the definition of "cocktail".

The etymology of the word "cocktail" is full of uncertainty. Some believe it is derived from "cocktail," the name of a colorful 15th-century English drink. Instead, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the world's original usage was associated with the equine realm, where "cocktail" referred to a horse with a docked tail, similar to a dog's tail, thus connoting a mixed breed rather than a purebred. This meaning of "cocktail" may well end up meaning something mixed, especially in the realm of alcoholic beverages.

Whatever the real story is, we know cocktails are a great way to experience joy and celebrate life, and they also offer an opportunity to discover new flavors and high quality products, just like the wine we suggested. What else can we say if not enjoy the next World Cocktail Day.