Thanksgiving Day with Chianti Classico

pubblicato 14-11-2023

Thanksgiving Day with Chianti Classico

Thanksgiving is a very special celebration for many people in America and, as years go by, around the world. There are culinary canons and traditions that have been followed for centuries during this holiday, which we at Carpineto, however, would love to enrich with one our most famous bottles of them all.


The first official documents mentioning Thanksgiving date back to 1623 when the governor of the colony, William Bradford, established a day of celebration to thank the Lord for the harvest. 


The American lands had notably different characteristics from those of Europe. Native Americans played a crucial role in guiding the new arrivals on what crops to cultivate and which animals to raise to ensure their survival through the second winter. 


Among the foods introduced to the Europeans were corn and turkeys, which were previously unfamiliar to them. Following the challenges of the initial winter, the Pilgrims declared a day of thanksgiving to express gratitude to God for the abundance they received and to commemorate the success of the harvest. 


The Native Americans were invited to the first celebration, as it was their guidance and assistance that contributed to the survival of the "new Americans." According to tradition, Native Americans also participated in this occasion.


Thanksgiving Day is strongly rooted in the idea of a meal, which is shared with family and friends, during which we express gratitude to God for the blessings we have received. While the most famous dish is turkey accompanied by cranberry sauce, it's by no means the only one. The focal point of the celebration is the family lunch (or dinner), a crucial moment of the event, as are the recipes used. These include Cornbread, mashed potatoes, yam (pumpkin pie), and pecan pie, always watered down with plenty of wine.

Our suggestion for this year (and many more to come) is our special Chianti Classico DOCG 2020. Nestled in the picturesque countryside adorned with olive groves and cypress trees, you'll find the charming hilltop villages of the Chianti Classico region, situated between Florence and Siena. 


It's in this enchanting and scenic area that the wine of the same name is exclusively produced. The grapes used in its creation include Sangiovese, Canaiolo, and other red grape varietals. The winemaking process involves macerating the grape skins in the must and fermenting them at a carefully controlled low temperature. 


Following the blending of the final composition, the wine is then aged in oak casks. It boasts a ruby red hue, with garnet reflections becoming more pronounced as it ages. The bouquet is marked by intensity and reveals hints of violets, berries, and cherries. The aroma is velvety, well-rounded, full-bodied, and impeccably balanced. The optimal serving temperature ranges from 18 to 20 °C.


Thanksgiving is a day of joyous celebration, filled with laughter, toasts with wine, and the customary stuffed turkey that unites families and friends around a shared table. Even in modern times, Thanksgiving Day remains a deeply cherished celebration especially in the United States. Families come together to prepare traditional recipes passed down through generations, and people gather around the table, watch football, and follow the time-honored New York parade that has been held continuously since 1924. We hope you and your family will celebrate a very enjoyable thanksgiving, accompanied by our marvelous Chianti.