Tasting Notes: the Dogajolo Rosso

dogajolo rosso

Wine is a living substance, one which is in continuous evolution. This is precisely why Carpineto always pays careful attention to detail to find that delicate balance of both tradition and innovation. The historical culture of wine in Tuscany and the forward-looking vision towards the future of viticulture is happily found in the Dogajolo Rosso.

It starts from a solid tradition – which in this case is the Sangiovese grape, known as the king of Tuscan grapes. The Dogajolo Rosso is the perfect place to look for and find the perfect combination of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. The result? A “Super Tuscan child” which is pleasant, drinkable, well-structured and with a wonderful bouquet. Let’s have a look.

Visual Test
The Dogajolo Rosso is a bright and intense ruby ​​red, which swirls in the glass with good body and consistency. The excellent anthocyanin concentration of Sangiovese is pleasantly recognizable here.

Olfactory Test
The smell of this wine immediately stands out as fresh and vinous, accompanied by pleasant and varied fruity sensations. Some of the aromas include cherry, which is dominant as well as blackberry, raspberry, violet, morello cherry – all of which complement the elegance and softness typical of Cabernet. Dogajolo Rosso immediately presents itself as a persistent wine full of primary scents, ready to drink and with excellent freshness.

Taste Test
The finesse of the olfactory scents is further confirmed by the retro-nasal scents. Each sip is full-bodied and satisfying. The tannin is well dosed and pleasantly accompanied by a freshness that contributes to making this wine decidedly balanced and persistent.

Recommended Pairings
The Dogajolo Rosso pairs with well-seasoned meats, roasts, regional Tuscan cuisine – from game to grilled meats. The Dogajolo Rosso is the perfect companion for multiple traditional Italian dishes thanks to its pleasant fruitiness as well as full-bodied character.

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