World Pasta Day 2022 - Italians know how to eat and drink well

pubblicato 28-10-2022

World Pasta Day 2022 - Italians know how to eat and drink well

The ultimate clichè or a timeless classic? In any case, Pasta has always been considered the symbol of Italy, Mediterranean cuisine and well-being at the table. Once again this year, 25 October marked World Pasta Day, which also aims to be the symbol of conviviality, taste and Italian character around the world. Pasta is no longer deemed a mere foodstuff, but a careful measure of communication that embraces tradition, wellbeing at the table. It's a product suitable for many occasions and different palates. Everything changes depending on the sauce and... of course on how you pair with a wine. Carpineto offers an endless range to choose from, and pairing a wine with a pasta dish is always child's play.

Farnito IGT 2020 and Linguine with arselle and bottarga

A perfect pairing that we choose to share with you to celebrate this day is Linguine with arselle (donax trunculus) and bottarga, paired with Farnito IGT 2020. A Chardonnay with hints of tropical fruit, citrus and spices. Arselle are slightly harder to find than clams, but they do not differ much in flavour, so if you find clams in the fish market, you can easily substitute them for arselle. To make this recipe, which is simple and quick in its procedures, you will need just a few ingredients including bottarga. We are undoubtedly talking about very strong flavours but which go well with the savouriness. Farnito is a wine with distinctly Tuscan character that has all the features needed to tame a dish like this.

The purpose of the pairing is to complete the experience of the dish in the mouth: the choice of the perfect wine serves to enhance not only the individual ingredients but also to give an extra interpretation to the wine itself. Golden yellow with tawny reflections, on the nose it is harmonious, persistent and lively, in the mouth it is a high class and versatile wine. When choosing it, I imagined it like this: a wine that would be able to cleanse the mouth without distorting the dish, without taking away any of the strong flavours of the ingredients, but that would be able to hold its own. However, it remains perfectly pairable from an aperitif to a first course to a fish main course. In short, the perfect product for different palates.