Romantic dinner menu: what to cook and which wine to choose for a romantic dinner

pubblicato 25-02-2023

Romantic dinner menu: what to cook and which wine to choose for a romantic dinner

Our magnificent Carpineto Brut Rosè is perfect for a very romantic dinner. The best pairings: first courses, white meats or fish, vegetables, fresh or medium-aged cheeses. It is therefore a very versatile wine.

The Carpineto Brut Rosè stays in the bottle for no less than three months in air-conditioned rooms. It doesn't require any special development, but with time takes on an elegant, mellow coppery tint, the sign of completed maturation. Rosè sparkling wine is a chilled wine, which should be served at temperatures similar to those of white wine. For this reason, a perfect match is undoubtedly the one with fish-based dishes.

So what about a wonderful fish dinner to accompany this incredible product on your sweet night? Surprise your significant other with one of these ideas. A nice bottle of Brut Rosè is ideal for delicate salmon dishes such as sashimi or ceviche, which will shine paired with a really crisp, elegant rosè. In fact, rosè wine is an ideal partner to most salmon dishes. This also applies especially to the sparkling rosè which goes well as the bubbles contrast nicely with the soft texture of the fish.

At the end of your dinner, just like a summer lunch, opting for a combination of rosè bubbles with fruit can only be a winning combination. Are usually particularly recommended the choice of fresh berries, such as raspberries and blackberries, which with their flavor will only increase the already fruity taste of the rosè. Definitely the best known and most exploited pairing is that of rosè with dessert. An absolutely perfect choice for any occasion, which leaves no room for doubt about its success, especially if it is a creamy dessert like a classic tiramisu.

These are only a few of the many options that this incredible product will provide for you. And remember: You don't necessarily need to go out: maybe you can surprise your loved one with a nice home cooked meal accompanied by this incredible Brut Rosè. Sometimes, it's far better to stay at home in privacy to celebrate love and affection. So have a very romantic dinner, never without a very nice glass of wine!