Novello wine on the Autumn table - wine and food pairings

pubblicato 24-11-2021

Novello wine on the Autumn table – wine and food pairings

There is an old saying that goes – "In San Martino all must becomes wine". November marks the beginning of this process, when the first harvest begins to make its way to the glass. Novello wine is named as such (novello meaning new in Italian). That's because it's the product of freshly harvested grapes, with a classic and unmistakable wine-cellar aroma and aromas of ripe grapes and fresh red fruit. This is a perfect wine to pair with Autumn foods such as chestnuts - though not the only great pair of its kind.

Thanks to its great versatility and delicacy, Novello lends itself to many Autumn culinary delights, whose flavors are enhanced by a fresh and fruity wine like a Novello.

Let's start with a wine and risotto pairing prepared withÂ… a Novello wine, of course! This is a wine so versatile that it can also be safely used as an ingredient too. The preparation to follow for this recipe is that of a typical risotto. Sautè an onion in butter, add rice and continue to sautè till rice is slightly toasted. Then add two glasses of Novello wine and continue to cook the rice over medium heat while you gradually pour the vegetable broth. When the rice is cooked, stir in a bit of butter and Parmigiano cheese, and if you think it is needed, you can also add another glass of Novello wine.

Garnish your dish with some edible flowers such as violets, lavender, calendula or rose all of which, in addition to giving a touch of color to the dish, enrich it from an organoleptic point of view, recalling the characteristics of the Novello wine itself. That's it - a simple and delicious recipe, ready to please you and your guests.

Novello wine lends itself perfectly to an aperitif as well, precisely thanks to its versatility and characteristics. Tuscan cured meats and cheeses are a classic example of the "perfect marriage based on love" when it comes to a typical Italian aperitif, as the great food critic Luigi Veronelli said. Pork or wild boar salami, ham, capocollo cured meat, semi-cured Pecorino cheese; goat caciotte cheese or primosale cheese - the array of combinations is almost infinite. If, on the other hand, you prefer vegetarian or vegan cuisine, you won't have to worry as Novello goes well with preserves and pickled vegetables, as well as Autumn flavors of broccoli and turnips.

And let's not forget how well the Novello pairs with legumes such as lentil, bean or chickpea soups. Add a few seasonal chestnuts and you have a classic and happy combination. Chickpea and chestnut soup is quite a popular Autumn dish in Italy and the recipe is simple, yet makes our palate very happy. The recipe includes dried chickpeas, bay leaf, extra virgin olive oil, a clove of garlic, salt, pepper, rosemary to flavor, some fennel seeds (optional) and - obviously - chestnuts. This is the perfect recipe to pair with a Novello wine – the perfect company on crisp Autumn evenings. A glass of Novello can also see you towards the end of your meal, paired with seasonal nuts and dried fruit.