Don't Turn a Blind Eye to Cabernet Sauvignon from Tuscany

pubblicato 03-06-2021

Don't Turn a Blind Eye to Cabernet Sauvignon from Tuscany

When you think of Cabernet Sauvignon, many people usually think of Bordeaux or Napa Valley; but did you know that King Cabernet Sauvignon flourishes in Tuscany?

Cabernet Sauvignon has a lot of similarities to the Sangiovese grape, but is darker and more tannic. The rolling hills of Tuscany make for an excellent expression of this varietal, and Carpineto's Farnito Cabernet Sauvignon is a great example of that. Cabernet Sauvignon has been grown in Italy since the 1800s, but didn't make its way to Tuscany until the mid-to-late 1970's when winemakers started making "Super Tuscans". In fact, you'll usually find Cabernet Sauvignon in blends and not on its own.

The ironic reason for why the varietal was brought to the region was because of the strict DOC practices of the Chianti region at the time. Back then, Chianti could only be made up of no more than 70% Sangiovese, and had to include at least 10% of one of the local white wine grapes. While that was the style that the DOC regulations required at the time, quality suffered. Winemakers sought to create a quality red wine that wouldn't be restricted by the regulations of the region. Cabernet then started being blended with Sangiovese, Merlot and Syrah, thus the "Super Tuscan" was born.

The Farnito Cabernet Sauvignon is an intense ruby red with notes of black cherry, baked plum, cinnamon, blackberry and a hint of black pepper. This wine is perfect for ageing, but is also fantastic now after giving it some time to breathe in a decanter. Long velvety tannins and a nice balanced acidity, this would pair well with gamey red meat, a nice Bolognese sauce with fresh pasta, or even with a truffle mushroom risotto.