The scent of Aqua Vitae: the pleasures of autumn

pubblicato 27-10-2023

The scent of Aqua Vitae: the pleasures of autumn

Our heart and roots are in Tuscany. Land of great wines and equally fine appellations. This is precisely why we know how to make the most of that wonderful fruit that Mother Nature gives us: the grapevine. Perhaps not everyone is aware how very versatile the grape bunch can be. In addition to wine, we can make grappa from it; or, as in our case, aqua vitae. And here we are, presenting our very own grape distillate: the Carpineto Farnito d’Acquavite d’uva Sauvignon. A goblet that goes well with the impending autumn temperatures.


To best enjoy this great bottle, let's start with a basic distinction: what separates grappa from aqua vitae? That's easy to say: the former is a distillate of grape marc (what we commonly call grape skins); the latter is the result of distilling the grape berry in its entirety, from marc to pulp. To make our aqua vitae, we exclusively use Sauvignon grapes. Steam-distilled in a discontinuous still, our aqua vitae fully preserves all the aromaticity and freshness of the grapes of origin. Do you perhaps think that, when you put it to your nose, you will first smell the effluvia of alcohol? Not at all! Our aqua vitae undergoes a very long ageing process in stainless steel tanks which enhances the harmony and elegance of its taste and smell. 


Let us therefore pour it into our elegant tulip-shaped goblet. The colour is crystal clear, brilliant, with elegant hues. When we approach it on the nose, we immediately perceive its fresh, harmonious bouquet, enveloped in delicate hints of flowers and white berry fruit. Intense and persistent aromas, followed by a strong aftertaste characterised by honey, rose, clove and spice nuances. A unique complexity that only our Sauvignon aqua vitae can provide. A sensory journey followed by the taste: full, soft, warm, intense. Never pervaded by edginess. Our aqua vitae also knows how to be elegant on the palate, as do its aromas and scents. A fine moment to end a meal or to indulge in a relaxing moment of solitary meditation


Of course: it is not only at the end of a meal that human beings live. In fact, our aqua vitae knows well how to “pair”. As we were saying: the dishes of the autumn season will know how to bring out the best of all its features: cured meats; smoked fish; legume soups; dry Tuscan pastry desserts: from castagnaccio to panforte. The spectrum of pairings is much more varied and diverse than one might think. Precisely because of its extreme elegance and delicate sip, our Sauvignon aqua vitae is surprisingly versatile. A glass of great elegance and harmony that will make you feel, in an original and intense way, all the scents and flavours of the land of Tuscany.