On grandparents' day, give a bottle of wine: here are 5 useful tips to avoid mistakes

pubblicato 30-09-2023

On grandparents' day, give a bottle of wine: here are 5 useful tips to avoid mistakes

Heritage is a very important word for us at Carpineto: our land has been cultivated for centuries by our ancestors, and it is only thanks to their love and knowledge, transmitted to us from father to son, that we can continue to produce wine of the highest quality. 


Here is why Grandparents’ Day is a day that is very dear to our hearts, and that we would like to help you celebrate, of course, with wine. Wine can be a perfect gift for many occasions: In fact, wine is neither a too formal gift, nor, on the contrary, an informal gift. It adapts to different situations, and it can be appreciated by anyone. 


Especially when we are invited for dinner, wine can be the best option if you want to bring a present. Even on Grandparents’ Day, wine can be our best allied. But in order to make the best gift, we need to avoid 5 common mistakes. 


Obviously, it is essential to make sure that whoever is to receive our gift drinks alcohol in the first place. Also, men and women could have a slightly different taste when it comes to wine: as a general rule, our grandfather you could lean more towards aged red wines, while our grandma could be happier with a nice bottle of bubbles. But of course, make sure you check yourself!


Part of the charm of wine lies in its artisanal character and in its history, which is lost in the mists of our past. Each terroir, each grape variety, each appellation and each cellar have their own peculiarities and traditions, for a final product with very specific characteristics. Before you choose your bottle, you need to inform yourself on its history, rather than buying it blindly. 

Do not try to bring one of your old bottles when you give wine as a gift: try instead to make an effort to understand the taste and the preferences of the person, and take time to research the right bottle for him. In case your grandparents are wine experts, this task could be more difficult. So don’t waste time looking on the internet: here at Carpineto we have a bottle that is perfect for this occasion and that we strongly recommend. 


Our Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2016 is perfect for Grandparents’ Day! This is produced from estate grown grapes in Dudda, Greve in Chianti, in one of the coolest areas of the appellation, which is particularly suited for the production of wines of great structure, concentration and longevity.

This bottle ages for an extended period in our underground cellar at a natural, constant temperature and humidity. It has a deep ruby red colour due to the high concentration of anthocyanins, as well as pronounced aromas of wild berries, hints of vanilla and spicy notes on the finish. As the bottle ages, its characteristics will be surely enhanced. 


Chianti Classico is a decidedly versatile red wine. Among the recommended combinations, the one with first and second courses with a strong taste certainly stands out, such as those based on red meat, truffles, game and roasts. It excellently accompanies the flavour of seasoned cheeses and delicious cured meats, while it also sublimates the most delicate fragrances of fish-based first courses.

Perfect in combination with the whole meal, it goes very well with most Tuscan and Italian dishes.

Classic Chianti, just like our grandparents, symbolizes the roots from which we grew up. All the goodness and knowledge that made us who we are today: let's celebrate them together!