International Sushi day, let’s celebrate it with wine

pubblicato 17-06-2024

International Sushi day, let’s celebrate it with wine

The 18th of June marks a very special anniversary: it’s international sushi day! This special food preparation was invented in Japan starting from two simple ingredients such as rice and raw fish, around two centuries ago, and has now become a gastronomic phenomenon, as well as a cultural revolution all around the world.

Here at Carpineto we love to celebrate our very precious food and wine traditions and share it with all of our readers and customers, but we are also very open and attentive to explore other cultures and gastronomic habits coming from very far, always seeking the perfect marriage for these foreign preparations and the products of our land.

The question is, can we call sushi a foreign preparation in the first place? You may think that Italians aren’t that familiar with raw fish, and although many elderly people are still completely reluctant to have a bite of it, we’ve got some shocking news for you: Italy ranks at the very first place in Europe for sushi consumption!

For this reason it feels only fair to celebrate the next International Sushi day with one of our bottles, and for you we have thought about our magnificent Farnito Brut Chardonnay Vino Spumante di Qualità. This unique sparkling wine is based on an assemblage of Chardonnay wines from various vintages, the oldest of which have been aged in oak barrels. Due to its elaborate processing, it is produced in extremely limited quantities. 

Made up of Chardonnay grapes, the production of this wine involves selecting very carefully chosen yeasts used in the processing, making the wine sparkling through a pied de cuvee that undergoes rigorous and continuous enzyme testing. Fermentation takes place over several months at very low temperatures. During bottle aging, the aromatic properties of the yeasts are maximized by regularly agitating the tank for a period exceeding eight months, keeping the yeasts in suspension and adding their elegant bouquet to the wine. 

When poured into a flute, it forms a generous, quickly dissipating foam that leaves a halo around the edge of the glass, fed by a fine and uniform perlage, with a light straw color. A feast for the eyes of every sparkling wine enthusiast! The perfume is refined, with diverse fragrances that are vaguely spicy, delicate, but also very complex. The taste is rich, full-bodied, dry, and round, with flavors of spices and fruits. It should be served cool, but not too cold, approximately between 10 and 14 °C (50 and 57 °F).

Spumante really is the right choice when it comes to wine pairings for sushi, at least the traditional concept of it: we are very well aware of the many new interpretations of this ancient recipe, which now involves many ingredients especially in the “all-you-can-eat” formula restaurants, which are really spreading some debate.

The fundamental characteristics of sushi are mainly two: sweetness and umami. These two components stand particularly as sushi (again, its versions with "traditional" ingredients) is typically very low in salt while its condiments, soy sauce and wasabi have the so-called "fifth taste". With umami, a Japanese term that we could translate as "tasty essence", we mean a taste, typical of fermented sauces, which is not bitter, acidic, sweet or salty but which has a strong flavor and manages to enhance incredibly well the ingredients it accompanies.

For this reason, to accompany sushi we need a still and very aromatic wine, with a strong acidity that manages to integrate and complete the sweet taste of the sushi and the umami of the condiments. Who would have thought? Italian wine and sushi: enjoy the next international sushi day with Carpineto and you certainly will want to do it all over again