Carpineto Wines: Chianti Classico “Gran Selezione” 2015

Chianti Classico “Gran Selezione” 2015 is the idea of ​the consortium whose aim it was to enhance local territory, allowing the denomination to be able to compete at the highest levels of the qualitative pyramid. The Chianti Classico “Gran Selezione” 2015 is easily classified thanks to its value, taste and quality. This is a wine of excellent structure, born from the purity of Sangiovese grapes that come from a 2-hectare cru located in Dudda, Greve in Chianti. “It is the first Carpineto production vineyard, and has been active since 1967, and can easily be considered one of the best grapes of the entire estate. This wine comes from an extraordinary vintage – that of 2015. We were waiting for this vintage in order to release to the market a product of great elegance and quality.

The quality of the grapes, excellent levels of ripeness and the high sugar content have all contributed in creating a five-star wine. These are just a few of the qualities that describe the September harvest. All grapes are selected and hand-picked, then placed in special containers to preserve the integrity of the grape. Vinification happens in temperature-controlled steel tanks (77°F to 86°F) and later maturation in wooden barrels of 225 liters for eighteen months – this is typical of the Dudda Sangiovese bouquet. This wine bears the color of an intense ruby red and is bottled with no external treatment of any kind. It is then bottle aged in the wine cellars at a constant temperature and humidity.

Chianti Classico “Gran Selezione” 2015 was conceived as a wine for wine lovers with a refined palate. “It is matured six months longer than the Reserve and comes from estate vineyards. These features raise the bar and put it in competition with wines such as Brunello”.

The complexity of the olfactory sensations has distinctive notes of wild berries, hints of vanilla and spice notes. These aromas are amplified in intensity, consistency and persistence, emitting a young and elegant taste. This is a wine that is inserted among the ‘Hot Wines’ of the prestigious Wine Spectator with ninety-five points – “A red that shows depth and complexity, wrapping you with sensual aromas of black cherry, currant, violet, blood notes, leather, goudron. Rich and soft, with imposing but refined tannins. Presents great balance and persistence. Excellent from 2021 to 2038.”

Served at 68°F, the 2015 Chianti Gran Classico “Gran Selezione” pairs gastronomically well with large roasts, grilled meats, braised meats and, in particular, with Florentine steak. This 2015 Chianti Classico Gran Selezione prepares you for yet another great story of Carpineto wines.

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