Bubbly, not just sweet: three sparkling wines to enjoy throughout the meal

pubblicato 04-08-2023

Bubbly, not just sweet: three sparkling wines to enjoy throughout the meal

Summer rhymes with bubbles. What could be better than a glass of sparkling spumante to refresh oneself? Elegant, pleasant, refined: quality sparkling wines are those that best accompany the hottest months of the year: during an aperitif, a lunch at the seaside, a dinner in a rustic country house. We can, with good reason, say that bubbles are indeed perfect for all occasions. So it would be a pity, as sometimes still happens, to “relegate” them to the mere moment of dessert. The combination of “sparkling wine and dessert” is a great classic, of course: often, however, used inappropriately. To put it very clearly: the combination of dry sparkling wine and dessert, beyond personal taste, is generally deeply flawed. Brut sparkling wine, for example, is perfect for pairing with the whole meal. Here, therefore, are some tips regarding the bubbles we produce here in Carpineto. 

Carpineto Farnito Brut

An elegant cuvée selected from the production of Chardonnay wines from different vintages. Carpineto Farnito Brut is the quintessence of elegance in the world of bubbles in our company. Developed thanks to a specific strain of yeast produced by us and subjected to a slow and constant fermentation at a low temperature, our Farnito Brut presents itself in the glass with its very fine and persistent perlage. Very elegant in its aromas of spices, crust of freshly baked bread, golden apple: it encompasses a bouquet of very wide persistence. An aspect that underlines its finesse and taste-olfactory harmony. On the palate, Carpineto Farnito Brut is rich, dry, with an imposing structure despite always being snappy and pleasant to drink. To be served chilled, around 10-12 degrees centigrade. Throughout the meal, to be paired with everything from fish aperitifs with raw fish, to shellfish, to traditional Mediterranean first courses, to cheeses and some cured meats such as prosciutto crudo

Carpineto Brut Rosé 

A small and precious cuvée, amounting to a few thousand bottles, produced in very limited quantities. Carpineto Brut Rosé is synonymous with harmony, pleasantness, fragrance and elegance. Matured in the bottle for a period of no less than three months, in temperature-controlled rooms, our Brut Rosé is a sparkling wine to be tasted young, in order to appreciate its freshness, liveliness and bouquet. With a very light mousse and persistent perlage and a mother-of-pearl pink colour, it reaches your nose with all its characteristics of fresh fruit, vine flower, rose and brief hints of cherry. Aromas that are discreetly presented, deliberately not excessive, but at the same time well present. Once again the watchword is harmony. The flavour is in fact dry, excellently balanced, decidedly fresh and moderately full-bodied. Carpineto Brut Rosè is, in short, a happy blend of freshness and structure; fragrance and dryness. A pleasant and never banal drink, to be paired with pink meats, fish soups such as the famous cacciucco alla livornese, grilled fish, semi-hard cheeses. Also excellent on pizza and on a simple, yet wonderful, spaghetti with tomato sauce. 

Carpineto Spumante Brut

A historic sparkling wine here in Carpineto. The first to be produced in our company and in the entire Chianti Classico area, back in 1982. A well-established tradition that underlines the great pleasantness of this sparkling wine. Born from slow and constant fermentation, after a long stay on the lees of the spent yeasts, it is bottled to be consumed “young”. So that you can enjoy all its aromas of fresh fruit, Williams pears, and decisive hints of bread crust. A sparkling wine with beautiful olfactory intensity and a dry, balanced flavour, perfect for pairing with all Mediterranean fish dishes, with cured meats, with shellfish. Best served chilled, between 8 and 10 degrees centigrade, to appreciate all its freshness and effervescence.